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Introduction to Yoga:  This is a class designed to introduce yoga to beginners. Focus will be on the fundamental elements of yoga utilizing breath and movement harmoniously. Also a focus will be on the description of yoga postures, incorporating proper alignment and terminology. 75 minutes.

Gentle Vinyasa: A Level 1 Vinyasa Flow class with a slower pace and gentler transitions. A great class as a bridge from the Intro class to Level 1/2. Also perfect for when you just want to move a little slower and enjoy the poses at a more relaxed pace. 75 minutes.

View More: Level 1/2:   Vinyasa is a flow style of yoga. It corporates the postures of yoga in a flowing sequence linking breath with movement. Students in this class will have an understanding of the basic alignment of each posture. This class is a multi level class appealing to broad range of yoga practitioners. 90 minutes.

All Levels Vinyasa:  This class combines Level 1/2 instruction with options for Level 2/3 modifications including arm balancing, inversions, lots of core work and more advanced postures. Levels 1-3 will be challenged. 90 minutes.

Vin/Yin Fusion:  A beautiful blend of Level 1-2 Vinyasa and Yin.  The first half of class will flow and the 2nd half will slow way down for some sweet Yin postures. 75 minutes.View More:

Restorative Yoga + Yin:  This is an all levels yoga class that focuses on stretching, meditation and relaxation. Poses are passive which will allow the body to relax and open. The class will be tremendously beneficial for those with physical limitations or injuries as well as the seasoned yogi looking to complement their vigorous vinyasa practice. 75 minutes.

Yin/Core Fusion:  1 hour class infusing yin yoga with core-centric postures and exercises. The ideal combination of strength for the core as well as creating space within the body. The perfect balance for body and mind.  60 minutes.

Core, Strength & Balance for Seniors:   A 1 hour class focusing on key areas to benefit Seniors. Yoga postures will be used to develop overall strength, body awareness, increase flexibility and core strength. Perfect for golfers and tennis players. All seniors need this class. Heck all people need this class! 60 minutes.

Private Sessions:  Private Yoga sessions are available to students who desire one on one attention or have physical limitations that restrict them from attending group sessions. Semi-Private Sessions available for small groups of 2-4 people.  Please Inquire.