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Online Classes Now Available 24/7 365 days a year!

Go to Yoga30.com.  Select Yoga Central as your referring teacher or studio when you register.

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We are going to Little Corn Island in the Caribbean this July to practice yoga, sun, swim, relax, chill, eat, spa.  Want to join us? Click here.

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Private and Group Private Lessons Available!

Let us help you plan your own personal retreat. Email us @ yogacentrallaquinta@gmail.com and we can discuss how to turn your weekend getaway into blissful fun full of yoga, hiking, dining and more.

What’s so cool about Yoga Central?

Besides the fact that you’ll be greeted by name when you walk through the door or if you’re new, you’ll be welcomed with open arms, you’re going to be “taught” yoga. Our instructors are passionate about teaching yoga. We don’t lead the class on our mats. We walk throughout the room, offering alignment cues, adjustments and did we mention we will call you by name with some personal encouragement?

Yoga Central is the studio where teachers from the other local studios and Country Clubs go for their own personal practice. If you are looking for a yoga studio that’s inspiring, encouraging, and challenging, you have found your home at Yoga Central.

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